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Private Messaging

The following types of posts or comments are considered unacceptable in any PM on our site. Posting of such may result in the suspension of your ability to post in our private message system or the suspension of your HubSwirl's Account.
Posts that contain any code or programming routine that interferes with the stability of the site, or the ability of others to post messages in a lobby.

  • Posts that advertise items you have for sale outside our website.
  • Posts that contain profanity or that are defamatory in nature
  • Posts that contain links to other online auction sites.
  • Posts that contain adult pictures, material, or links.
  • Posts that disclose personally identifiable information about another registered member.
  • Posts that are disruptive in nature, harass or threaten another member or HubSwirl's staff member.

I cannot send private messages!
There are four reasons for this:

  • You are not registered and/or not logged on.
  • You don't have the proper membership access to post any messages.
  • The auction management and support team have disabled private messaging for the entire site.
  • The board auction management and support team have prevented you individually from sending messages. If it is the latter case you should try asking our support team why.

I have received a spamming or abusive private messages from someone registered on this site!
You should contact our spam abuse support team: with a full copy of the private message you received and it is very important this include the users that sent you the message. We can then take action.

I keep getting unwanted private messages!
In the future we will be adding an ignore list to the private messaging system. For now, though, if you keep receiving unwanted private messages from someone, inform our spamming support team spam@yoursite.com they have the power to prevent a user from sending private messages at all.

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