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After The Auction - Seller

The end of your listing may be a busy time for you as a seller.

As auctions close, the system will email notifications to the sellers of individual auctions. This notification will include all information necessary to close the sale. It will also indicate whether or not a reserve was met.

If your item sells successfully, there's a lot to do, from contacting your buyer to accepting payment to shipping the item. Please make every effort to make contact as soon as possible after the close of the auction, preferably within 3 days.

If you don't receive any successful bids or something goes wrong with your high bidder, you can use the many tools and options available to solve problems and keep trying to sell your item.

Contacting your buyer
When your listing is over, it's time to get in touch with your winning bidder or Buy It Now buyer. If you're using eInvoice, some or all of the information will be emailed to your buyer. If not, you'll need to email your buyer to exchange information. The buyer's email address will be provided in the email announcing the end of your listing.

Ask the buyer for:

  • The address they'd like the item shipped to

Tell the buyer:

  • Shipping cost
  • How you will ship the item to them
  • When to expect it
  • Which payment options you accept
  • The total price
  • Tax (if applicable)

What if my high bidder won't pay?
Non-Paying bidders face the following consequences through this program:
First offense: warning
Second offense: warning
Third offense: Suspension of Auction Privileges

What to do if you're a seller with a non-paying bidder

Step Explanation Time Frame
1. Contact each other Contact each other after your listing has ended. Like you, buyers can have emergencies or computer problems. Your high bidder may not be able to respond to you right away for legitimate reasons. Generally within 5 business days is a good idea.
2. Payment Reminder Send a payment reminder email to your winning bidder. You can customize the email. After 5 days but not past 30 days of your listing's close.

What if I can't reach my winning buyer? Like you, Buyers can have emergencies, illnesses, or computer problems. Check your Buyer's Feedback to see what other users have said. If there is mostly Positive Feedback with little or no mention of problems, be patient. Your buyer may not be able to respond to you right away for legitimate reasons.

If you get no responses through email, you can request your Buyer's phone number. A phone call may help facilitate the communication process.

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