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What Is A Reserve Price?

If a seller specifies a reserve price for a particular auction, he/she is not obligated to sell the item for less. If the high bidder's price does not meet the reserve, he/she does not have to complete the sale.

The seller specifies the reserve price when he or she lists an item, which is an amount over the minimum bid. Then when the auction begins, it will start at the minimum bid amount that the seller also chooses. During a Reserve Price Auction, a notice will be displayed on the listing page next to the item's current price.

HubSwirl's will never disclose a seller's reserve price to bidders. When a bidder's maximum bid is equal to or greater than the reserve price, the item's current price is raised to the reserve price. At this time, the item information will indicate that the reserve price has been met. The bidder is also notified that his or her bid met the reserve.

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