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What's the Seller Logo in the Member Center for?

This is a feature for paying members.

Underneath your auction, there will be an "About the Seller" section, where your logo will be linked to your website address. If you have no logo, there will be a text link of your web address. Beside the logo, you will see the description you have entered.

You can use this in two basic ways. You could upload a picture of yourself, and link to a homepage of yours. Or advertise your business, with a logo from your business, or a picture of an item you sell.

Don't forget, you CANNOT include links to your website in your auction description. We offer the ability to use About The Seller for paying members which shows up between the auction description and the bidding section.

To add your logo, login and go to the Member Center. Click "Seller Logo" and on next page enter the information.

To remove "About the Seller" section from your auctions, go back to "Seller Logo" and on next screen simply hit "Delete Seller Logo".

If you don't have a website, remember that paying members can upload a page to our site, and use their about me page here as well. Just click on the "About Me" in the Member Center.

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